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   Welcome to Gun Site Hills 700 Yd. Precision Rifle Range. 
We have either prone firing positions with mats or granite shooting benches with sand bags and various types of shooting rests.  
We have standard paper target frames at 100 & 200 along with steel deer silhouettes at 200, 300 , 400  &  460 yds. 
 We have electric moving targets that traverse from behind a hill either left or right & then back again @ 179, 200 & 250 yds.   
 We  have electric pop ups at 100, 152, 238 & 342 yds.

  All ranges have large white steel targets or white steel body silhouettes every 50 yds. from  200 yds all the way out to 700+ yds.   Left side targets are in yards & rite side targets are in meters. 

    Professional - (Practical) - Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun training & Reloading classes.

  Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Cokes/ water / Gatorade available.
If you can come down one morning and dedicate a full day then I have a class that I know you will like.  The class runs about 2 hours in the morning and then we shoot the Rest of the day.  I assist you to put it all into practice all the way out to 700 & Beyond. However far out you get til you get tired. You will then have zeros recorded that you can always fall back on. If you are open minded enough to try a new approach then I can absolutely guarantee you a completely new outlook on your shooting & your ability to stack ‘em up like you never dreamed of all the way out.  You need 1 Box (20 rds.)  No feel good, fluff & gimmicks, spray & pray stuff.  YOU NEED A LEVEL and a medium HEAVY BARREL for BEST RESULTS w/ LONG RANGE rifle.
   We also offer classes for Pistol, Rifle, Carbine, & shotgun geared towards the new shooter. With heavy emphasis on relaxing & familiarization, to the point of comfort & ease of handling & moving around smoothly & efficiently. I specialize in Ladies and Kids. At the end of the day the most prominent comment is (Wow, I never knew I could shoot like that.)  Cost is the same for all Rifle classes with standard  type guns.. ( $300  per shooter up to a max of 4)  - $400 for Belted magnums, $500 for 338, 416, & 50 Cal.  Call (706) 743-3053  After Dark  (6 pm to 9 pm only)  Monday thru Friday.   By appointment only.

Standard Range Fee Of  $25  is charged for each (Session) shooter.( standard rifles) 
( Daily - (0900 - 1200 ) - (1200 - 1500)  -   $50  to shoot all day
 This covers 2 guns & 3 hours during the normal weekday sessions.  But, If you are slow & safe & don't Require Supervision / instruction  then we don't push the time limit (within Reason)  -  Slower is Safer -
  Any rifle over 300  Win Mag or over 3000 fps or steel or solid copper bullets is a $50 surcharge each + the standard range fee of $25 for a total of  $75  ( I have to sit & spot each shot on special targets)  
   Safety brief  PROMPTLY @ - 0900  -  If you're late and don't get it all 
                              - YOU DON'T SHOOT  --  DON'T  BE  LATE !!!

Standard Range Fee Of $25 is charged for any range reservation that is made and then  LATE or NO SHOWS without a phone call within a reasonable time frame(24 hrs)


Here is our address, phone number, and hours

Call  a few days or so in advance after dark. (706) 743-3053 (6 pm to 9 pm only) for a tentative appointment.   I don't check the computer very often.  (CALL)  You MUST Call back the night before  appointment to check  weather & finalize appointment or it will be cancelled.   We do not  shoot in the rain & Mud. 
 Range elevation is 646 Ft. - N 33* 51.058 Long - W 83 04.350 Lat

Hours for reference only - We operate PRIMARILY BY  APPOINTMENT.  Hours subject to change. Since some folks have to work for a living during the weekday hours. We will try to work with you whenever possible during the long days  / off days, etc.  (CALL & We will work it out)

                                        (Summer Hours)                              
                                      Sunday  -  Closed
                                      Monday  -  Closed
                             Tuesday  -  Saturday -  0900 til 1700
Gun Site Hills 
84 O'Neal  Rd.
Lexington,  Ga.

(706) 743-3053  (after dark 6 pm to 9 pm)  - Monday - Friday (Only)
 (770) 331-3468 (Joe) - When you can't get me.  I can't always hear the phone   E.mail -


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Call for appointment.
(706) 743-3053  Chief 6pm to 9pm (after Dark Only)
(770)  925-0426  Joe
(706) 714 -5568 Roger