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 Sign up at 0800


You Must attend the entire safety brief to shoot - DON'T BE LATE

Matches start at 0900



600 yd. - Bench Rest Match -
         14 July 2018 
2nd Saturday of each month.
22 Patrol match - Cancelled due to Rains
 22LR only,  $35 per shooter, 15 shooter limit,  click on-   - to sign up.  It will keep up with who registers & when.  First 15 will be the match in the order of their signup.  First come = First Served.  Thanks,  Chief.  (In case of a problem call me, as there is always someone who does not show up.)

                      NIGHT  TIME (in the dark)
           Long Range Tactical Rifle Match
                           28 July 18  -  1800 hrs.  (Full Moon Nite)
         500y, 500m steel & 500m Mover, 600y & 700y steel.  Prone, leaning over the barricade, sitting (thru the barricade)  & various other positions.   APPROXIMATELY 25 rounds needed.  Safety Brief @ 1800.  Don't be late. We want to finish by 2200.
    NO DANGLING bags/foo foo pillows, clingon warbird bipods, benchrest gear or other gimmicks.     1 Bag only, (in yo hand & under absolute control) Sensible bipod or Ruck & a Sling if you want it. 
                                      No White lites.  Red Chem lites only.
                Sensible Gear that u would actually be using and carrying in combat only
  This is a Practical Rifle Match Not a gamers Match.This match is for the shooter who want to learn about precision rifle shooting in the dark without all the stress & heartache of worrying about every point or who is winning. GEARED For those who never thought they could shoot a 2" group @ 600 yds.  We will Have a 15 min site in relay @ APPROXIMATELY 1800 to give you time to verify your zero's while it is getting dusky AND ALL THOSE NASTY DAYTIME CONDITIONS ARE GOING AWAY.  I don't recommend night vision.  Just a really good scope. Most nite vision is good for minute of chest and not capable of the precision of a good Nightforce @ 700 yds. Your Choice as long as U are safe with it. 
             No big prizes or big entry fees.  Red, White & Blue ribbons.
                      $35 per shooter.    12 -15 shooters  (MAX)
 3000 FPS speed limit & NO solid or core bullets of any kind. (NO BS)  Random Chronoing & Automatic DISQUALIFICATION if over.
       Period SITES ONLY
    200, 300, 400, 500 YARDS
             FUN MATCH
  I will help U get your zeroes at all the ranges until Dave starts beating up on me cause U are spanking his Butt. I guarantee U will be surprised at just how well U can do out at 500 with that old Springfield or M1 Garand &  me spotting.  Come on out and give it a try. 
                                   $25 each rifle
      -  Long Range Tactical
   - 22 caliber CQB match -
             rifle and pistol both 22 cal.
 TBA  - Atlanta Firearms Training
             long range rifle classes