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                    ROGER  PELHANK - Alternate Chief Range Officer / Marksmanship  Instructor

    Roger is an Avid  prairie dog  hunter, benchrest shooter, &  former State Pistol Silhouette Champion.  He is also one of the best offhand rifle shots  I have ever had the privilege to associate with.  He is a dedicated range officer and Instructor who just absolutely loves to sit out in the boiling hot sun and help people to reach their maximum marksmanship potential.  He has to be one of the most caring & natural teachers I have worked with in my 39 years in the business.  He has a knack for helping the kids to learn in a really fun way & sometimes I think he would rather coach a 12 year old new shooter than eat.  Needless to say he is my backup whenever I need a real professional.  He is relatively close and has full authority to open up and close the range in my absence. 


                    JOE  MILBERT - Range design,  Engineering  &  Operation  -  Range officer

   Joe is a converted deer hunter who just likes to shoot long range.  He is a dedicated 100% Tactical,  police type shooter.  Nothing but 30 caliber LTRs for this guy.  But before you long range guys laugh, you might want to watch what he can do on the short moving course (out to 650) as well as the 1000 yd. Line. (With his little half grown LTR guns.) He set a new range record at 1000 yds. with my full grown 7mmSAUM. He is also the most talented and imaginative Home Grown Engineer I  have ever run across.   His moving target system is nothing short of amazing and unbelievably simple.  He dreamed up a system where the target will run behind the hill and turn around and come running back out facing the new direction.    I might add that his systems are very reliable which is a big Plus when the scores are tight, the shooting intense and the hot sun is boiling down. (With Warren, David, Eddy & Ed breathing down your neck.)

Mike Foster - - Range Officer / Instructor -  is a dedicated and die hard hunter of the highest caliber.  He is very likeable and always ready to help out a fellow shooter or hunter in a pinch.   The best natural born shooter I have ever met.  No formal training.  Just a good ol boy deer hunter who can stack bullets at any range with anything from a benchrest or hunting rifle to a sling shot . If you want to learn how to handle that Super Boomer ultra Magnum or 7mm Mag he is a great instructor & the man to see. He also has keys & full authority to open up or close the range as he sees fit.        

Chris Watkins -  Tsgt  USAF-

-Explosive Ordnance    -     Reconnaissance
-C-IED awareness  -  CBRN Defense awareness
-Force Protection  -  Human Relations
-LOAC  -  Self Aid Buddy Care - Associate degree Biology
-SERE 100  -  Information Protection/Assurance
-Counterterrorism OPS  -  Active shooter response/denial
-CPR instructor -  Water vulnerability assessment
-Human Trafficking  -  Distinguished Graduate NCOA
-Firearms consultant to  Morningstar  Entertainment
-Basic Long Range Precision Shooting  "GSH"
-USNA  Plebe marksmanship Instructor 2011 & 2012
-51 MP BN SCARNG advanced Carbine instructor
-Paladin UBC instructor  -  NRA Certified instructor
-Paladin intro to firearms instructor-Top Secret Security Clearance
-PRP status - Basic and Advanced carbine/pistol instructor GSH
-15yrs USAF w/ active duty multiple deployments all over the world