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            Individual  TACTICAL RIFLE  MATCH  RULES


(At the begining of the match you will be given a card with a mugshot on it and a silhouette of an enemy combatant on the other side & a number (1-5) .Any paper target with these same pics are the targets that you will engage (usually popups and movers). The number will match your unknown distance head shot standing somewhere out on the range.

The match will begin when a target pops up at 100 yds. It will have 5 different mugshots on it and will stay up for 20 seconds, find your target and fire from a hasty leaning position over the bench. Target will go down and you'll be given the command to move forward & drop down into the prone position.

There are steel targets at 300, 400, 500, 550, 600, 650 and 679 yards.

You will be given the command to drop & load & fire 1 shot at the 679 yd. tgt. in a 20 second time limit.  The second shot at 679 is at your own disgretion as are the other steel tgts.

You fire (2) shots at each steel target (except for 650 (it only gets one shot) at your own disgretion.While you are making these shots on the steel, pop up and mover targets will be randomly activated announced & unannounced out to 350 yds.  Along with the enemy combatant in a clutter of 6 other silhouettes @ 200.  All this while keeping an eye out for the movers & popups.  

One of the things that make this match so exciting  is, let's say you just squeezed off a round at the 650 yard steel, but before the gun stops recoiling a popup comes up at 250 yards. Remember its only up for 20 seconds, You've got to bolt another round into your gun,decide how far out the target is, dial the dope, find that same mug and shoot it in the head before it goes down.)

 For safe shooters who are interested in Practical / tactical shooting.


Shooters may use any scoped rifle they wish up to 3000 fps. Magna ports & muzzle brakes shoot on the last relay together.  Bipods & 1 rear bag allowed.  No  Alibis. No Refunds. No flags. No fouling shots.  Nothing allowed on the line except 1 rifle, 1 rear bag,  20 rds & dope book.  Scores are FINAL once they come back up to the line. Settle it down at the target or live with it.   The entire match will last 13 minutes  for 20 shots. 


 "Brad Veal  (2 time Champion) says "it is the busiest 13 minutes you will ever spend in your life."  


-All ties are shootoffs from 6 to a possible 700 Yds. (Unk Dist)


 Saturdays @ 0900  hrs - $20 per  - ( see upcoming matches ) 


      (706) 743-3053 (Chief),  or  (770) 331-3468  (Joe)  for info