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                    GSH Bench Match Rules

Match is shot @ 700, 600, 500 or 400 yds. on a paper target. 300 WIN Mag / 3000 FPS Max. Shooters target will be on top on the frame and their sighter target will be the corresponding # steel below. Shooter is allowed 10 minutes to fire 5 shots for record on the paper.   3 sighters allowed on the corresponding steel target. Over 5 shots on the target or any shots fired after the 10 minute whistle will cause the shooters best shots to be thrown out. Crossfires excepted. Shooter’s 2 targets are added for total score. Best group is simply the smallest group of the day. Match is shot from the bench with a bench rest, or bipod and rear bag. There is a 10 minute prep period to set up while targets are changed out. Shooter is responsible to be ready when relay is called to action.

Factory (sporter) class is the original factory barrel & action & trigger  configuration that came from the factory. Any trigger or Accuracy Modifications (I.E.) bedding, tuning, shortening, recrowning, floating, polishing, adjusting, etc. is allowed as long as gun is safe & Trigger weight is 2 lbs. or >. No Muzzle brakes. No flat or over 2 1/4" wide forends (unless bipod) Sporter class rifle must lift freely up & clear from the front bag and the rear bag. Tape only allowed on rear bag in sporter class.

Custom / Bench Rest (Unlimited)  class can have a custom Barrel or action or trigger. Forend flat of  2 3/4" or >. Rear bag can be adjustable but not attached to rifle or bench. Front rest can be designed as guiding / recoil reducing as long as it is not attached and must be visually/manually reset for each shot. No rail type guns (1 piece rests) or remote firing triggers in any class.

All rests/bags must be separate (independent) front from rear.  Lightweight bipods are allowed to be attached to forend as long as they are not recoil reducing or guiding. (Gun must slide freely & must be manually & visually reset after each shot for any type of rest / bipod). No rests can be attached to bench in any way. Flat vertical spacer is ok provided it has no adjustment provisions and does not contain the rear bag in any way.

There must be 3 shooters or more to make up a class. A shooter can move up to the next class & still be eligible for awards but can not move down and still be eligible. Muzzle brakes or ported barrels will be squadded together when ever possible. Pistols can be fired with rifles but all rifle class rules / squadding must be followed.

Coaching is allowed for Junior shooters & 1st time shooters only. Scopes will be turned across the firing line if that person cannot spot without comment.

If 2 guns in same class, the First gun fired will be for official score. Mechanically broken gun can be replaced but only within allotted time & round count.

Ties will be broken by the first longest range Target/s score

All classes are eligible for best group of the day. (5 pts. for a 1st, 4 pts. for a 2nd, 3 pts for a 3rd.  Overall points awarded for top scores of the day. Best group (5 Pts.) & Class placings (1,2,3) count for ribbons & 3,2,1 pts toward certificates only.  1 overall pt. awarded for finishing a GSH  match providing the competitor did not win any other overall points. The total overall points determine finishing order at end of the year for long Range Rifleman,   $100 Gift Certificates will be determined by Total Class points winner in each of 3 Areas. (B/Rest, Tactical , Quigley) Shoot any matches you like. (Tactical / Tower, B/R or Quigley for overall & class points.)

NO Moving, Changing, Leveling or otherwise Fixing the benches. If it don't suit you then find one that does.