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Our range has been a family owned and operated business for over 20 years.   I spent 23 years in the US Navy Submarine service during which time I spent most of my time shooting with the USN Shooting team whenever our operations schedule permitted. I started shooting the 45 Colt pistol  and the M1 Garand Rifle and later the M14 rifle. My job description quickly became Armorer and Chief Small Arms instructor,  deadly force and tactics instructor. I attended numerous Shooting instructor courses by the US Navy, US Army, US Coast Guard and US Marine Corp. These included a tour of actually living on the range at Annapolis and at Quantico Marine base where we were getting ready for the Nationals at Camp Perry and the Inter Service Rifle Championships. We also horned in on many of the classes at the Marine Scout Sniper school.  One of my personal  highlights would have to be when Marine Sniper Legend Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock coached our team during a match of the Interservice Rifle Competition in 1983.. During my 23 year career I have trained thousands of Nuclear weapon SWAT teams , Nuclear weapons security guards, Ships Response teams and team leaders, Navy Seals and USMC personnel in Tactics and  the safe and efficient use of Firearms from handguns, Rifles and shotguns, H&K MP5 to M79 & Mk19 40mm to 50 cal Browning MG and WWII 20mm  AA guns. Since this time I have dedicated myself to running a safe and challenging place to shoot and I try to impart the  knowledge and experience that Uncle Sam gave me  to our clientele.  We started in 1989 @ 5' wide  &  100 yds. long. 

Our Service

  Our commitment to our customers safety and meaningful instruction has made us who we are today. .. We strive to offer a safe and challenging place to shoot along with Meaningful and Quality instruction.   To this end I am not really interested in having a bunch of people come down with a handfull of money and spraying lead around. We have very low berms and our goal is tiny little groups of slow fire at all ranges out to 700 yards.  As our rates attest, I am satisfied if I make enough to keep the place growing and going.  My big satisfaction comes from  the occasional remark.  "WOW"  I never knew  that I could shoot like that! "BOY, did I learn a lot today." We have the experience and equipment to do whatever is necessary to get you and your rifle shooting as a team and working to your maximum capability.  My personal goal is that your rifle is zeroed and you have gained the background and knowledge to trust that zero in whatever shooting situation you find yourself.  Especially when you miss that big Boone & Crockett and you don't know why. But you will know how your rifle was zeroed so you don't panic and start shooting at a beer can and cranking the scope knobs under far less than favorable shooting conditions.  Hopefully you will then have gained  the experience and background to analyze the shot and all the factors that could have led to a split second loss of  trigger control, sight alignment or follow thru,  etc.  Rather than blaming the rifle or it's zero.  Then and only then, have I done my job.